The ‘Kerikeri Returned and Services Association Inc’ had its beginning
in 1937.

It was part of the Royal New Zealand Returned Services Association, which was formed in 1916 to care for soldiers returning from World War I, and the families of soldiers who lost their lives during that conflict.

Today it is known as “The Returned and Services Association”. Membership is open to anyone who has served overseas, who has served in the NZ armed forces, or is serving in our armed forces and members of the NZ Police force. The RSA also welcomes applications for Associate members from New Zealand residents who, while they may not have served in our Armed Forces or Police, fully support the aims and ideals of the NZRSA.

Joining the RSA gives you affiliation with a network of associations throughout New Zealand, with over 130,000 members. It is a great place to meet old friends and make new ones.

If you are interested in joining our RSA or would like some more information please go to the contact page. Welfare assistance is a major part of the RSA’s function. Support and advice can be provided for most situations. Please see our welfare page for more information.